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Virtual Colonoscopy

What is Virtual Colonoscopy?

CT colonography (Virtual Colonoscopy) is a new, potentially powerful screening tool for colorectal cancer that may prove to have better patient acceptance.
Virtual Colonoscopy involves the use of spiroidal hi speed CT data in combination with advanced software to generate two dimensional views and three dimensional endoluminal views of the colon. The endoluminal images, which may be viewed dynamically and interactively, simulate what is seen at conventional colonoscopy.

Scanning is performed with the patient in two positions, typically supine and prone, and using a single breath hold in each position, spending about 12 seconds for data acquisition. The volumetrically acquired CT data are then transferred to a computer workstation for interpretation. Axial images are magnified, or "zoomed," and used for primary interpretation. These images are interactively correlated with coronal and sagittal multi planar navigation to recreate a virtual navigation through the colon.

The advantages of Virtual Colonoscopy

The advantages of Virtual Colonoscopy are that it presents no risks to patients, it is not a time consuming procedure and can be performed in patients with distal occluding lesions.

It can be used to localize lesions more precisely than colonoscopy, does not need sedation and permits a 100% visualization of the entire colon including large bowel wall.

Virtual Colonoscopy also allows diagnosis of extracolonic findings and screening for other clinically important diseases (gallstones, renal cell carcinoma, large abdominal aortic aneurysms, and liver and adrenal masses, etc.). The ability to detect lesions outside the colon is an advantage that makes Virtual Colonoscopy a cost-effective examination.

Actually, this new technique has been proposed by some to replace conventional colonoscopy as a mean to mass screen patients for polyps and cancer.

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Virtual Colonoscopy video 1