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Dr. Gervasio Salgado

Innovation and Development:

Modification of the Hemorrhage Occluder™ Pin

The Hemorrhage Occluder Pin is designed to control severe presacral hemorrhage during pelvic surgery.

Serrated Titanium Pin for Secure Placement
The Hemorrhage Occluder Pin is made of titanium, a biocompatible metal commonly used for internal implants.5 The shaft of the Hemorrhage Occluder Pin is serrated for more secure placement in the sacrum. Research has shown that significantly more force is required to extract a serrated pin than a smooth one.11

Malleable Applicator for Efficient Placement
The Hemorrhage Occluder Pin comes preloaded in an easy-to-use applicator. The long, 12 inch shaft of the applicator is malleable and provides the surgeon with optimum visibility for precise pin placement at the bleeding site.

Available in two sizes
CR1007 - Standard Pin Head - 10mm
CR1014 - Large Pin Head - 14mm

Hemorrhage Occluder Pin


Salgado Driver - Quickly drives the Hemorrhage Occluder Pin into sacrum

Fast and simple to use :

• Designed to use very little force to push the Hemorrhage Occluder Pin fully into the sacrum

• Curved design rotates around the pubic symphysis

• Available in two sizes - Reusable

CR2000 - Salgado™ Driver – Standard – 23cm length
CR2005 - Salgado™ Driver – Large – 35cm length

Salgado Driver - Quickly drives the Hemorrhage Occluder Pin into sacrum


Anal fissure is a worrisome, painful and sometimes-chronic condition.

While surgical therapy is often appropriate, some patients will respond to topical measures. At the other extreme, reduced anal continence
with leakage is often nonsurgical, and may also be responsive to topical measures. Indeed, many studies have been conducted in an attempt to evaluate different formulations to address both categories of problems.

One of the shortcomings that have hampered clinical studies of anal topicals has been imprecision of self-administered dosing. This
deficit has resulted from the inherent difficulty of accurately dispensing an exact dose primarily to the anal mucosa. Unpredictability of
both the amount and the administration site of topicals can encumber patient treatment, patient compliance and objective analysis of benefits and side effects from study to study.

OrigynRx has developed a simple solution to overcome this shortcoming.
At the heart of OrigynRx is our focused dose delivery system,
which includes AccuTip, a side-slotted anal application tip and DoseRite, a device that assures accuracy for every single dose.

This proprietary delivery system solves the problem of both imprecise anodermal focus and inaccurate dosing.
Download and read description.

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