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Hemorrhoids treatment

The treatment of hemorrhoids should be focused on the arising symptoms . So a thrombosed external haemorrhoid (a clot below the skin of the anal verge) that is very painful should be removed through surgery under local anaesthesia. If symptoms are not so severe the lump could resolve spontaneously in time, avoiding constipation, taking warm tub baths, etc.

Most of the patients do not need surgery. The internal hemorrhoids become symptomatic when they descend along the anal canal and protrude, making it necessary to push them back into their inside location (prolapse). In this case they could be treated with the method of rubber band ligation as an office procedure or with sedation. The smaller bleeding hemorrhoids should be treated with infrared coagulation or sclerotherapy.

Internal hemorrhoids that extend and protrude as external hemorrhoids, will need surgery. The removal of hemorrhoids, no matter what type of cutting instrument is used (cold scalpel, electroscalpel, ligasure, harmonic scalpel, etc), is a definite treatment with a very low recurrence rate in the future. However the resection of hemorrhoids produce pain post-operatively and pain killers are necessary.