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Dr. Gervasio Salgado


Incontinence Treatment

The treatment of this problem will depend on the origin of the incontinence (incapacity to retain rectal effluents) as the several factors that cause it are the guideline for either re-educational treatments (biofeedback), surgical interventions to repair sphincters , when these are injured, or to narrow the anal canal applying material and thus avoiding involuntary loss of gas or stool (artificial sphincter, slings, etc) The stimulation of nerves that activate the pelvic floor and anal muscles has proved to be considerable efficient .

This is known as neuromodulation of sacral nerves, which can be carried out through implantation of leads connected to a pacemaker, having done previous evaluation tests, or through stimulation of the tibial nerve, located at the ankle but connected to the sacral nerves.

This stimulation strengthens the activity of nerves and muscles improving the symptoms…

Bowel Incontinence