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Diverticular disease Treatment

Treatments will vary according to the disease pattern. Mild inflammation may be simply treated by antibiotics while in more severe cases with abscesses (collection of pus) these should be drained surgically or radiologically ( external puncture guided by a scanner or ultrasound) If the disease is even more severe and complicated as general peritonitis or faecal peritonitis ( the passing of faecal material into the abdominal cavity), these require more intense and urgent procedures, open surgeries or laparoscopic ones, that should focus on the removal of the colonic segment with the perforated diverticulum.

This type of surgical procedure usually brings about the need of a colostomy ( a bag to collect stool, at the abdominal area) as the connection of both ends of the intestines after a resection may not scar because of infection and inflammation in the peritoneal cavity.

Those patients who have suffered repeated crises of non severe diverticular disease may be offered a selective (programmed) resection of the affected colonic segment under optimum conditions to avoid the need to wear a colostomy…

Diverticular disease