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Abscess/Perianal fistula Treatment

The treatment for a perianal abscess is an incision to allow drainage of the pus. The surgical procedure will vary depending on the location of the abscess, when it is located at the anal verge just below the skin, the procedure is very simple and can be done using local anaesthetic. If the location is deeper, either in the area around the anus, above the pelvic muscles or even higher the treatment requires more complex surgery with general or spinal anaesthesia.

The treatment of a perianal fistula is in general quite simple as most of them are simple fistulas which cross the sphincter apparatus (anal muscles) in a distal position affecting very little its width, therefore a dissection- resection of the fistula (fistulotomy) will not impair the capacity to retain rectal fluids.

However there are more complex fistulas as are the recurrent ones, with multiple holes, bendy tracts, etc, which make it necessary to do more complex surgeries…

Abscess/Perianal fistula